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The Advantages of Mediating a Case with Steven L. Miller

Mediation & dispute resolution services

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

1.  A confidential, private, comfortable and non-adversarial environment

2.  YOU will have the FINAL say, in deciding whether or not you will agree to a settlement.

     I DO NOT make any decisions.

3.  Your successful mediation will serve to eliminate unknown risks associated with a court or

     arbitration decision.

4.  You can eliminate the possibility of an appeal.

5.  You can eliminate the amount of attorney fees and costs you will incur.

6.  A successful mediation will allow you to decide important non-monetary issues such as:

     a.  Release language

     b.  Rules of post settlement confidentiality

     c.  Non-disparagement language, including social media "Do's and Dont's"

     d.  Non-compete covenants (where legal)

     e.  Enforcement mechanisms

     f.   Potential tax ramification structure/ "Tax Planning"

7.  Mediation can provide a  structure to communicate important information, to your opponent

     in a comfortable, non-adversarial environment.

8.  A preferable way to end the stress, anxiety and emotional pain of a dispute.

9.  You are guided through this process with a empathetic facilitator who has over 30 years of

     legal experience.

10. My "ideal mediation" is to work out not just a settlement, but a durable ​and sustainable ​settlement. Compare this to court, where after spending a tremendous amount of money on attorney fees and costs, there is simply a decision that is subject to appeal. Which would you prefer?

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